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Alpesh declared 'The Prince of Parma' by Richard Bratby, BBC Music Magazine

“The Prince of Parma … Alpesh Chauhan has risen from Birmingham apprentice to international maestro in a dazzlingly short time, and is currently stealing the hearts of the Parmensi”

- Richard Bratby

Back in November, Richard Bratby at the BBC Music Magazine joined Alpesh in Parma for his opening season concerts with the Fondazione Arturo Toscanini. In the article, Alpesh discusses his rapid rise to success as the orchestra's new Principle Conductor, and of course the wonderful local delicacies Parma has to offer. Alpesh comments:

"This season will be a big push, but things are getting stronger, technically and musically. We're learning from each other. Plus, they throw amazing parties; you can't beat a big wheel of parmesan!"

Read the full article in the February issue of BBC Music Magazine, out now:

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