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Alpesh discusses music education in Gramophone Blog

Gramophone has just published a blog post from Alpesh, where the young conductor discusses the BBC Ten Pieces project, the importance of music education and the lack of ethnic audiences at classical concerts.

Speaking about the Ten Pieces project, Alpesh commented:

"It answers a very real need in this country to expose our younger citizens to music of all genres, in an exciting and inspiring way. British culture suffers if we forget about appealing to young people’s creative and emotional minds in addition to providing the bare-bones of the so-called ‘core’ subjects (since when did culture and humanities not make up our very cores?). The point here is not to force children to play an instrument, or to insist they listen to a certain quota of classical music for the rest of their lives, but to avoid limiting minds. Focus only on the ‘core’ subjects, and what will happen to those creative minds?"

Read the full blog here.

Alpesh Chauhan

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